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Dear Investors,

Our Company "AmeriLabel Co., Inc." has gorwn leaps and bounds over the past few years, We are now in process of expanding our Operations locally & globally. We intend to supply original and reasonably priced customized labels to both individuals and corporations. The customized labeling is a trend that is well on its way to becoming a mandatory element in conducting business. We would like to extend to you an opportunity to become a part of this potentially incredibly profitable business.

We intend to separate ourselves from the competition by utilizing both a traditional label making press as well as a dramatic web presence. Therefore, our customer base will not be limited to local clients, but we will potentially have a global customer base. Our market research has indicated that there is a high level of dissatisfaction among rthe customers as a result of the lack of high-quality customized Labels that are also affordable. Our intention is to fill the gap between the high-end, prohibitively expensive labels and the lackluster generic labeling making market. Our company offers an exciting alternative in the form of memorable and unusual labels that are also affordable. This section indicates that you have actually done research and have discovered a viable niche. It also serves to show how your business plan is based on differentiating from the competition.

We use highly detailed surveys to prepare our labels, in which our customers provide extensive details about such things as colors, outline, subject matter, quantity, various size requirements and other items of interest that help us build the most appropriate customized labels. Huge appetite for Labels from govermental and non-govermental organizations create an enormous opportunity for label business. Today's market is experiencing more needs and occassions for ordering customized labels.

This is a great time and oppertunity to plan an investment in a company that has consistantly proven its worth for the last 26 years and is commited to do the same or even better for many coming years. 

Thank you,

AmeriLabel Family,







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